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Where I Keep My Stamps

When it comes to almost any arts and crafts project, we all know that keeping pieces where they should be is always easier said than done. A safe place is only as safe as you make it. If you have kids, this magical safe places almost doesn’t even exist. So where can you hide these small stamps that seem to want to get lost? It can be a shoebox, a smaller jewelry box, or anything with a lid that will securely hold whatever you place inside. This makes it easy to find as well as safe. Placing stamps on a desk or shelf is just asking for them to fall down. Put them in a small bag in your bedroom drawer next to your Zyppah mouthpiece. Maybe even under the floorboards! Nowhere can be too safe from life’s unending challenges that come to the crafty person trying to stay organized. Good luck!



Four Outside the Box Places to Rubber Stamp

Everyone can stamp crafts in their home office. Here are some other outside the box places you can get your stamp on.

  1. In a coffee shop:Full of enthusiasm and ideas, everyone is on top of their game in a coffee shop. Your creativity will be unmatched.
  2. On a grassy hill: You and your project alone. You will be free to explore all of your creativity in peace and silence. The environment provides a natural motivation that may be just what you need. Don’t pick up and fungus now, that’s what Phytozine is for after all.
  3. By the pool: Close enough to keep an eye on the kids, far away to feel like you’re outside. Not all of us can get free whenever we want! Pop a squat by the pool and get your stamp on.
  4. On the beach: Is there a better creator of natural white noise than waves rolling? Let your mind be taken somewhere else and let true creativity come from within. The pure power of the waves can unlock any idea!

Do you have any other ideas? Let us know!


4 Unique Stamp Ideas for the Holidays

One of the best parts about stamps is how many times they can be used. The holidays is a great time for this, from cards to crafts and decorations. Here are some sweet ideas.

1. Elves: Putting them on your kids papers here and there will keep them on their heels, and also keep the Christmas spirit going at all times. (You can keep music going the whole month! Even some Wholetones)

2. Bunny Eggs: You can put these all over the house as well as sidewalks and paper. The best part of eggs are hunting for them, this will keep that edge going through the season.

3. Reindeer Prints: Up on the ceiling, along the walk way, putting them down on Christmas morning is downright cool and will add that extra sparkle.

4. Fireworks: Kids and souses together all love fireworks. Get that cheer started in the summer heat and keep everyone’s enthusiasm up until you can celebrate the 4th with style.