What is a raw data recovery process?

June 19, 2018 Off By Erick Lindgren

Introduction: One of the major issues of problem that could occur within your PCs is the problem with storage device itself. Sometimes your computer may prevent you to operate from important data. This problem occurs due to many reasons such as, registry damage, Trojan attack, virus attack and many other primary hard device partitions many become RAW.


Above things can be also creates problems with your External hard drive due to which it becomes RAW files. Once the external or internal hard drive becomes raw files you will not be able to access those files. The issue can be fixed but there is lot of risk involves deleting permanently data from your computer. Below you can file the process of how to recover data from raw drive. Step wise step process will provide brief knowledge, through which you can recover your data from raw drive.


Some are very messages that can appears when drive become raw such as, the type of the file system is raw, windows is unable to access the disk, external hard drive is not recognised, Chkdsk is not available for the raw drives. These are the very common messages when your external or internal derive become the raw.


Why your external or internal drive became RAW? There are various reasons such as, installing third party or malicious programs or bad handling file system can make your drive RAW files.


How to recovers RAW files: The below given process will guide you that how to recover raw hard drive and data recovery partitions. Apart from this you can also preview the resorted files in a very short span of time. Data recovery tool is becoming very important in each sector. Raw recovery tool is restored the last resorts if the drive is heavily corrupted.


 After installing the software you need to open by clicking on the main interface “drive recovery”

 Click on volume to recover data section which will display a list of volumes in computer

 Pick the right volume in the recovery list and then click on Raw recovery on the flying pane

 You can click on file list which is given listed below raw recovery and select the desired file for which the scan will be performed

 The tool will begin the scanning on the selected volume and recovered files in a classical tree group by file types

 Click on the file which you want to recover by marking check boxes

 On your computer screen the select destination dialog box will appears.

 Provide the destination path and click on OK button

 Files will saved by software to the specified location