How to choose the correct data recovery service provider

How to choose the correct data recovery service provider

May 25, 2018 Off By Erick Lindgren

Choosing any vendor for data recovery is a very much important decision and you must check proper reviews, ratings, expected time of work and other details before you move on to select the vendor of your choice. It is important to consider the critical parameters associated with data recovery before you hire one. Though cost is an important factor, it is not the only factor that one must consider.

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Tips to choose a data recovery expert —

  1. Data recovery capabilities and processes – check whether the service provider has the proper prowess to handle your needs. Do a background check on the company before taking the decision. If the person is amateur then there is a huge chance that the recovery process would fail by at least 30%. Data recovery is only one chance and if it is done in a wrong manner then data would be lost forever and so you must decide it wisely.
  2. Data recovery infrastructure – you must also check the infrastructure of the service provider. The data recovery lab must be in a controlled environment with all the necessary equipment and tools for data repair and recovery services. Do your research well and if possible meet the data recovery agent in person.
  3. Security needs – this is another crucial factor because the provider must have proper security protocols that can provide integrity of your data. Data theft is also a big issue in many cases and hence you must choose a reliable service provider.
  4. Support and ease of use – it is important to choose a company that provides excellent customer support service during working hours. Some companies also provide support 24 * 7. many of the companies lag behind in support services which is the most important thing to consider.
  5. Years of experience – Check about the company, for how many years the company has been in service and experience level of the professionals working in the team.
  6. Cost – Take a proper quotation from experts before you finalize the company for data recovery services. Do not go for very cheap companies and choose a company that provides a reasonable and correct estimate for the work.

These are some of the tips to choose a vendor for data recovery services if you want successful data recovery and reduce chances of data loss.