Everyone can stamp crafts in their home office. Here are some other outside the box places you can get your stamp on.

  1. In a coffee shop:Full of enthusiasm and ideas, everyone is on top of their game in a coffee shop. Your creativity will be unmatched.
  2. On a grassy hill: You and your project alone. You will be free to explore all of your creativity in peace and silence. The environment provides a natural motivation that may be just what you need. Don’t pick up and fungus now, that’s what Phytozine is for after all.
  3. By the pool: Close enough to keep an eye on the kids, far away to feel like you’re outside. Not all of us can get free whenever we want! Pop a squat by the pool and get your stamp on.
  4. On the beach: Is there a better creator of natural white noise than waves rolling? Let your mind be taken somewhere else and let true creativity come from within. The pure power of the waves can unlock any idea!

Do you have any other ideas? Let us know!