One of the best parts about stamps is how many times they can be used. The holidays is a great time for this, from cards to crafts and decorations. Here are some sweet ideas.

1. Elves: Putting them on your kids papers here and there will keep them on their heels, and also keep the Christmas spirit going at all times. (You can keep music going the whole month! Even some Wholetones)

2. Bunny Eggs: You can put these all over the house as well as sidewalks and paper. The best part of eggs are hunting for them, this will keep that edge going through the season.

3. Reindeer Prints: Up on the ceiling, along the walk way, putting them down on Christmas morning is downright cool and will add that extra sparkle.

4. Fireworks: Kids and souses together all love fireworks. Get that cheer started in the summer heat and keep everyone’s enthusiasm up until you can celebrate the 4th with style.